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Wandering Log | August 2018

In August, we made it full "circle" back to the east coast, but not before enjoying Denver and Kansas City! It's surreal to be writing this in Wompatuck State Park, where we havewww-august-travels spent many weeks camping over the past three years. We have experienced so much of the country in the past six months... We were just baking in the Moab sun not long ago. Being here now, though emotions are mixed, makes us feel how accessible the country really is. Whenever we have a wild hair, we know we can easily go exploring.


Denver, CO

Overview: We stayed in Denver for a week while visiting friends. It is surprisingly difficult to find free camping anywhere near Denver and the surrounding towns, like Golden and Boulder. We ended up parking on the street outside our friend's apartment complex while we stayed on her couch, moving Dot every 24 hours. It was technically legal, though we got a fun passive-aggressive text the last day asking why we were still parked in that neighborhood. We understand; people just want to make sure you aren't sleeping in your unit. 


  • Visit Red Rocks Amphitheater, even if just to hike around, but preferably for a concert.
  • We did a bit of exploring, but were so busy that week that we did not see nearly as much as we wanted. Here is a list of some cool districts of Denver to check out if you're looking to get out of downtown.

Where we camped: Street parking; stayed with friends.

Remote worker ready? Yes, we had four bars of Verizon cell service.

Kansas City, MO

Overview:  Justin hosted another workshop in Kansas City, so we spent a few days in this hip midwestern city. What we love about KC is the mix of genuine midwestern charm with a small city vibe.


  • The Power and Light District is where it's at. Bars, restaurants, and often free live music.
  • See live jazz or blues at The Phoenix.
  • Eat AND listen to live blues at B.B.'s Lawnside BBQ
  • Eat KC's best BBQ at Q39 or Joe's.

Where we camped: Walmarts in Olathe, Kansas and Overland Park, MO

Remote worker ready? Yes, we had four bars of Verizon cell service.

Asheville, NC

Overview:  Asheville is hands-down one of our favorite places in the country. We got engaged and have spent a few vacations here. It just happened to be on our way to Raleigh, so we happily spent a couple of days soaking up its weirdness. 


Where we camped: On a friend's property. It was POURING rain that night when we arrived and we had a "fun" time trying to turn around on a dead end gravel road.

Remote worker ready? Yes, at least two bars of Verizon cell phone service.

Good Vibes Asheville

Raleigh, NC

Overview:  We lived in Raleigh for a few years and Justin's family still lives here, as well as many of our dear friends. So it's always a fun time coming back! We feel like when we lived here, we did not appreciate it nearly as much. This was before we moved to Boston and bought our first camper, so we still had the wild bud in us that hadn't bloomed; we were still searching for more. That being said, there is so much that this area has to offer! 


Where we camped: Parked at friend's houses in Wake Forest and downtown Raleigh.

Remote worker ready? Yes, we had four bars of Verizon cell service.

Buffalo, NY

Overview: After spending a few days with Ariele's family in Virginia (must sees: tour Dinosaur Land and browse Mountain Mystic Company), we cruised up to Buffalo for another content marketing workshop. Our truck ended up dying in the parking lot of the event. Ultimately, we were really fortunate to be in a safe space and for the problem to only be a failed starter. 


Where we camped: In the parking lot of Justin's event due to car troubles.

Remote worker ready? Yes, we had four bars of Verizon cell service.


Boston, MA

Overview: We don't think we've ever written about Boston! We could write an entire blog post about this city and unique things to do. When we visit, we stay at Wompatuck State Park and hop on the ferry in Hingham that takes us right into the city.


  • Visit the North end and get dinner at Pomodoro for a fantastic meal and romantic ambiance. Then get a dessert at Bova's Bakery; Our favorite is the chocolate florentine cookie and the vanilla brick. 
  • Get a lobster roll at Yankee Lobster and a beer at Harpoon. If you're still hungry, get a pretzel at Harpoon brewery – it's made from their hops!
  • Go to Bleacher Bar for lunch when the Red Sox aren't playing. They have a garage door that opens up to an amazing view of Fenway Park. 
  • Hike the 2.5 mile long Freedom Trail

Where we camped: Wompatuck State Park

Remote worker ready? Yes, we had two bars of Verizon cell service.

Boston skyline

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