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Content Professor for HubSpot Academy, brand builder, and life enthusiast. With everything he does, he is driven by a genuine passion to educate, inspire, and motivate others. Touring the country speaking and working, he hopes to show people that with motivation and spark, you can accomplish anything and live the life you dream of having. Justin developed a content marketing certification for his company, Hubspot, and is continually concepting the next way to make marketing easier for small to medium-sized businesses (and everyone!).

Three things he can’t live without on the road:

  • Sport shorts
  • Frisbee
  • Cell reception
ariele champion



Business manager and stylist with a colorful passion for animals, optimism, and thrifting. She manages the online side of her family business, Mountain Mystic Company, and is always searching for eclectic, unique products for the shop as we travel the U.S. Her free time passions include making, redecorating, styling our outdoor space, and taking walks.

Three things She can’t live without on the road:

  • Chacos
  • A strand of lights
  • Coffee pot
how we live

How We Live

Simple nomads at heart and in practice, we live work, and travel in our mobile-homesteading fleet. It has allowed us a myriad of experiences we wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise. It brought us closer together as partners.

george teepee


George is an F250 Super Duty work truck. Our journey started with him. We originally purchased George to tote around our mobile home. Little did we know he would be our dear ole friend that would help us through some interesting and difficult times.

George may look like your average truck, but looks can be deceiving as he's so much more than that. We DIYed George into a truck camper, giving us a living space which doubles as a storage unit. George provides shelter for us and our things when we need it.


Dot is a 22' 2017 Airstream Bambi Sport. We never saw ourselves buying new, but when we walked through Dot's door for the first time, we knew this was our home. She's light and easy to tow, and nimble which makes it easier to take a stroll on back roads.

george teepee