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Our 2017 Wanderings



Last year, we started an amazing adventure. Our little home took us across the country for three magical months and up and down the east coast the rest of the year. We feel blessed that we get to spend our time exploring and connecting with this beautiful country and the people we meet along our journey.

Life on the road and in our airstream is and has been one of the greatest experiences of our lives. It has solidified our values, enhanced our spirituality, heightened our appreciation and awareness of each moment of our lives, and connected us with each other and our shared home, Mother Earth. To perfectly sum up the general joy and contentment traveling has given us, we have a quote from spiritual teacher Eknath Easwaran:

"To live simply is to live gently, keeping in mind always the needs of the planet, other creatures, and the generations to come. In doing this we lose nothing, because the interests of the whole naturally include our own."

As we prepare to embark on our next adventure for six months, we have loved reminiscing on our maiden trip. We shot half of this footage on the road and the other half was taken by our good friend Jesse when he came camping with us. Last year, he put together a highlight reel that we’ve watched over and over and hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

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