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7 Values For A More Meaningful Life

Over the years, through life's inevitable ups and downs, we've determined seven traits that we live by in order to put our best selves forward. We know if we follow these values, our experiences will be more meaningful...

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Wandering Log | March 2018

On the road again! That old familiar feeling crept back as we drove out of Raleigh, heading south—excitement, adventure, the unknown awaiting us. Our trip this year will last about six months, so we got to spend most of...

Digital Nomading, Full-time RVing

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Our Good Vibes Project

Many of you know about our PMA Project—it is our effort to spread positive energy waves as we travel the country. We did a soft launch in the fall, but now that we are on the road and have had time to work out exactly...

Let's Spread That PMA

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